Friday, June 10, 2005

I hate nature

Well today I did my part in the whole knitting in public deal. I took my son to the park so that he could get some fresh air. He is too much like his mom. It doesn't bother me to not leave the house for days on end. So long as he has cartoons to watch, he doesn't care either. Of course he does have to have his nanapapa time. When he talks about my folks, he always runs their names together. We have to visit at least 3 times a week so that I don't have to hear him ask if we are going to see them.

Anyways, we walked the 4 blocks or so to the park. He had fun climbing on the equipment while I sat on my ass and knitted on the bag I'm designing. It is a take off of a crocheted diaper bag I came across. I just liked the shape. It is sort of like a messenger bag. After about 20 minutes, I just couldn't take the sun beating down on me. There are no benches that are in shade in this park. So I swallowed my pride and sat in the wood chips under the jungle gym. My physical therapist is not going to be happy with me. I killed my back leaning on the post. But it was better than sitting in the sun. I have mentioned that I'm like the whitest white woman on the planet right? Next to me, Michael Jackson still looks like a black man. LOL No, I'm not an albino, but I do not tan. I only burn. Bad. And easy. Yup I had a sunburn on my arms after only 1 1/2 hours outside. lol

The walk home really sucked. The hill wasn't that big, but man it was hot. There is no shade at all on the way to my house. I eased my agony by pestering the hell out of my son on the way. hehehe I just love knocking in to him while we are walking. It drives him nuts. hehe The best part of having a kid is having someone to bug.

I wish I had brought my knitting along with me later in the day. Well I had it at my mom's house and she decided to spring a t-ball program for the kid on me. He wanted no part in it when my mom was trying to talk him in to going. All I had to do was tell him to pick up his blocks so that we wouldn't be late. He actually listened for once and ran to get ready and get in his seat.

When we got to the ball field, he once again was not interested in taking part. After about 5 mins of badgering him, he looked at my mom and said, "Fiiiiiiinnnnneee, I'll do it". hehehe Mom looked at me and said, "He sure is his mother's son isn't he?". hehehe He even picked up my habit of saying 'whatever' when I'm not really interested in what someone is saying. I think he really enjoyed playing with the other kids. He did have a meltdown when an older boy kept fielding balls that my son wanted to get. He ran off the field and wanted me to take him home. I talked him into trying again and one of the dads really started helping learn the game.

I've decided that I'm really going to finally call the number and try to get him in the Big Brothers program. He so needs a man in his life. He loves my dad, but my dad would rather run off and do stuff for other people or sit in the kitchen and drink than actually spend some real time with the kid. It is a total replay of my childhood. I swear the man didn't spend hardly any time with me until I got my learners permit. Then I became Dad's taxi. I spent a good 3 years of my life sitting in bars with old farts. I got back at him though by demanding lots of change for video games and pool. LOL

All in all, I spent more time outside today that I've spent in the last month. LOL I've got a sunburn on my arms, my cheeks, forehead and a tinge of pink on my legs. Yep, I ventured out in public in shorts. I wore one of the pairs of shorts I got at St. Vinnies the other day. I had been worried that they would be too small or look like lycra shorts on me. They actually are quite comfortable. I think the next time make the trip to redeem bottles, I'll stop off and look for some more shorts.

Man I got to jabbering tonight. I really need to get my burnt sore tush in bed. Well it's my neck that hurts and not my tush but you get the idea. Oh and Mush, I know I need a new camera, but what do you expect from a camera that I paid about $40 for? lol Someday I'll be able to afford a nice one, but for now this is all I got. I've got a couple old webcams that I'm going to try and get working. Maybe they will be able to take good stash photos. If anyone knows of a nice rich guy that likes big crazy blondes and likes to buy them expensive stuff, point him to me. I had me a rich one a few years back, but I went and fell head over heels for a dumbass loser and lost the rich guy. Oh well, at least I got a great kid out of the deal. LOL I guess the kid is better than the money, but damn I sure would love a new camera. hehehe


Jon said...

And the idea of sunscreen didn't occur to you at all? Of course, I shouldn't talk considering that I have been out in our sun quite frequently with the pup and nary a sun block on my forehead. ARGH!

Laura said...

It is hot in Iowa city too! I can't go outside for more than 30 minutes b/c i am SOOO PALE! Have a great weekend!

Colleen said...

I tan in a heartbeat, but, unfortunately, I tend to wear capris and Old Navy flip flops to match. So, I've got a nice capri/flip-flop tan line thing going.

Definitely get him into a BB/BS program if there isn't a man in his life to "show him the ropes" of being a guy.

MARYBETH said...

Hi Becky
Where can I get my hands on a GW chew toy??
Really nice blog!
I completely feel your angst for the heat! Prior to menopause I loved it! Worshiped it!
Now, if its over 70 degrees I feel sick, tires, and seek highly air conditioned environments!
cant wait till 08