Thursday, June 30, 2005

I am a bonehead

The other day I got a comment in the mail asking me about the yardage and a possible substitute for Nomotta Friska yarn. Quite frankly, I had no freakin clue why someone would ask me that. I couldn't even find the post they commented on in order to reply to them. Most of the comments that come in the mail have a no reply address on them. I tracked down the person's old blog and left a comment that I had no clue what this yarn was and that I'm relatively new to anything other than acrylic yarn. Then this morning I was looking at my stat page that lists recent searches that have led people here. One was for Nomotta Friska. Once I saw that, I looked to my left on my desk and what do I see? A skein of blue Nomotta Friska yarn. roflmao I casted on for a scarf last night and I just so happened to grab a skein out of my stash. I remember posting about the haul of 27 skeins I got off of eBay. duh For arguments sake, the skeins are 1 ounce and 120 yards. The yarn is 95% wool and 5% nylon and is a very thin boucle. Mine is very old, so it is kind of scratchy. I'll be washing the finished scarf and seeing if some fabric softener will help. If not, the scarf will end up being a gift. hehehe

Since I have mentioned eBay, would someone please ban me from that place?????? I am so addicted. I suppose if there was any place within 90 miles of here that sold something other than acrylic, I wouldn't be. If I could get in the car and drive say 20 mins and be able to pick up a skein of wool yarn, I wouldn't have to bid like crazy for God only knows what will show up in my mailbox. hehehehe Basically here I sit, still 2 hours from the official beginning of July, and I've already got enough auctions either finishing tomorrow or already finished that make it so that I can't buy even an ounce of yarn the rest of the month. Can we say " OHHHH SHIIITTTTT!!!!!"? hehehehe Thankfully, I've got enough yarn in my room and on the way to keep me busy for like the next 3 months easy. hehehe

Found this on another blog, forget which one, give it a try.

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It doesn't take long, is easy and is halfway interesting.

Well, I'm off to read my mail and finish reading my regular blogs. Then I'm gonna knit for a bit and hit the sack. I actually spent some time outside today and am pooped.

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FaeryCrafty said...

I am trying to ban myself from Ebay lol!