Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gonna be scarce for a bit

I'm not going to be around much for the next couple of days. We are having a garage sale at my mom's house. The only good part of that is that it isn't going to be at my house this year. LOL I'll be lucky to make about $50. Last year I went through all of my things and got rid of a whole bunch of stuff. What didn't sell went to either Goodwill or WIC. This year I barely had enough to halfway fill the back of my truck. The only things I've been buying this last year have been clothes for my kid and yarn for me.

Speaking of the kid. He had t-ball tonight. He had a total blast. One of the girls on the team was totally pestering him. She was putting grass on his head and down his back. Then she was tickling him. The boy is a total tickle bug. One of the boys kept stealing his hat because the kid was wearing it backwards. They fooled around taking each other's hats for a bit. Then the other boy got upset and I guess the kid was calling names. I didn't realize at the time that he was. I just thought he was having fun pestering the hell out of the other boy. The other boy's mother got upset and asked the kid if she was going to need to come talk to me. I ended up having a talk with the kid about keeping his hands to himself and behaving while he waited his turn. He did a great job hitting and is getting pretty good at catching. Well as good as a nearly 6 yr old can be. hehe

Well I didn't get home until 10, so I'm gonna head to bed. I should have left the folk's house at 9 but I was tired. hehehe Was hoping that my dad would keep the kid over night. I can't wait until he stops crawling into my bed as soon as I'm asleep. If I'm awake I send him back to his room, but it never fails that he is in my bed when I wake up.

Talk to y'all on Sunday.

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