Monday, June 13, 2005

Hey y'all

Gotta love the post office in this pissant town. My secret pal e-mailed me the other day to let me know that she sent me something in the mail. I figure, 'no problem'. There are 5 large boxes that the post master will put a key in your box if you have anything that is too big for your particular mailbox. I get there yesterday and find a little paper that says 'Sorry we missed you'. Ummmm were they expecting me to be sitting inside that tiny little box? Hell they are only open until like 9:30 am on a Saturday. So tomorrow (or should I say this morning? lol) I will drag the kid over to the post office. I've got yet more eBay yarn coming in the mail.

Now hush, I don't have any winning auctions and only 3 that are even active right now. :OP I'm still wanting to buy one of those huge ass skeins of chenille though. One place has a 4 pound skin of peach for about $12 plus shipping. They have a bunch of the peach and a bunch of green 2lb skeins too. No, Jon, I haven't looked up worming yet. I'm a stubborn Taurus. I do shit even when it is stupid. That would be how I ended up living with my kid's dad. Thankfully he has the smarts to stay the hell out of Iowa.

Anyways, I worked on the cable scarf a bit today. I figure I'll just use up the one skein of yarn and then call it quits. I've got a couple more skeins of it if I decide I want it longer though. I just wish I could do this scarf in some wool or cotton. It would look so cool all blocked out. As it is, I'm using some crappy old acrylic that I got eons ago in a bad eBay auction. At least I like the color. I also worked on the sock project bag. I've added in the second color. I figure it will be navy, black and burgandy. I don't have any green in the particular yarn I'm using. :O(

I swear tomorrow I'm going to to work on the sweater. Yes I have a problem with actually finishing projects. I get most of it done and it sits because I'm afraid deep down that it will end up looking like shit. I just enjoy the making part. hehe I do want to finish this one though. I ripped out the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater. That was interesting to say the least. I kind of had to do it because there was a big ass whole on one side where the ribbing ended and the body began. Don't ask me how I managed to do that one. I have no clue. I'm going to redo the bottom of the sweater in seed stitch. I much prefer how that looks to the ribbing.

Has anyone else noticed how sucky Bloglines can be? I swear it hasn't been letting me know when some blogs are updated. I knew beforehand about the troubles they were having at JenLa with Bloglines thinking they were updating like every 5 minutes. I just check them out once a day. Plus I just realized tonight that I didn't sign up with Bloglines for a couple sites I read all the time. I was so behind at Iowa Chicks Knitting. I guess every couple of days I'm going to have to go down the list of blogs that I read.

I swear I'm so addicted. It is always fun to find people that I read commenting on other blogs. I even found my secret pal commenting on a blog yesterday. hehehe I had never visited her blog until I got my information from the host. Then I see her commenting. hehe I'm trying to not be such a dang lurker on blogs and at least saying hi. I'm amazed at the number of people that visit my blog. Not many are return visitors. sniff sniff Guess they don't find me funny enough. Well that's just tough. :OP I make Sue laugh so I'm happy. waves to Sue Hell I'm just glad that a few of you comment. At least I don't feel like I'm totally talking to myself. Not that there is anything wrong with talking to yourself. Not that I do that or anything. Nah, I'm normal. Well kind of. They haven't tried to commit me in 11 years, so I guess I'm ok. Aren't I? hmmm Will have to ask the shrink when I see her next. Now she is an interesting one. She is maybe 4'5". I have no clue how to pronounce her name let alone spell it. She is the sort you just want to pick up and put on a shelf. hehe Collect all the cute little clothes to dress her up in and pose her. hehe

Seriously though, the counselor that I go see, says I'm just peachy. Has she even scratched the surface of my deep problems? Ummmmmm NO!! There is one person in particular in my life that drives me absolutely bonkers. I can not avoid this person because he is a family member. The counselor's solution to this is to leave when he gets me mad. Yeah O.K. whatever. I have serious issues with dealing with real blood and guts people in every day situations. People scare the shit out of me. Counselor lady knows that I am into Yahoo groups and blogging but she keeps bugging me to make some real friends. Yeah and I'm supposed to meet people where? I'm no longer in school. Not that anyone I went to school with has ever tried to return any friendly gestures that I made. I don't work. I don't have the energy to volunteer anywhere.

I'm actually going to apply for a job at a sub shop either tomorrow or Tuesday. I may apply at the new pizza joint too. I just don't know if they are going to be interested in hiring someone who at first is not going to be able to work more than 2 or 3 hours at a time and not every day. I'm not to up on the idea of working with food again after over 10 years away from it. I'm just afraid I'll gain more weight when I'm trying to loose some. My chickenshit brother finally asked his girlfriend of 5 years to marry him. I know I'm not going to be asked to be in the wedding, but it would be nice to be able to wear something nice and not look like a damn tank.

Okies that is wayyyyyyyy more information than I'm sure anyone really wants to know about me. This is what happens when I stay up too late watching Maximum Exposure after everyone else has gone to bed. hehe Time to set up mail to download and get my happy ass to bed. Laters y'all.


Jon said...

Talk about catharsis...LOL

Girlfriend, you do need to look up worming before you buy any more chenille. I cannot be held responsible for any worms that occur should you not heed this warning. Bawahahahahahaha

Love the sheep at the top!

I have a family member (my eldest brother) who drives me to drink. Well, he would if I drank. Anywhoodle, I can't stand being around him. And he and his ex-wife both read my blog. Oy.

Michelle said...

I enjoy reading your blog!

Not sure if I should tell you or not about the goodly priced sale yarn at

About the worming, I read it doesn't appear until after you've finished the garment and perhaps washed once or twice. Evil incarnate I tell you.

Colleen said...

I've got store bought chenille sweaters that worm horribly and they worm in the most horrible places, too. Like right over my nipples.

Laura said...

Don't be silly! Everyone who reads your blog obviously loves you! You're very lovable! So don't you fret. Give it time and soon you'll have loads of comments. I find that the people who comment on my blog are the ones whose blogs I comment on. It seems to work that way.
Anyhow, sounds like you have a couple of knitting projects going. I can't avoid ebay for long either. I can't buy anymore yarn for awhile b/c I have too many projects to finish. Well catch you later!
Oh wait I wanted to say thank you for passing on The Preemie Project info. That's a huge help. Thanks a million!