Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The 80s are alive...

and well in the Midwest. I thought mall hair was a thing of the past. Unfortunately it isn't. Over the last few days I've seen at least 3 women that look like they are stuck in a Whitesnake video. The teasing and highlights are insane. I'm even seeing women wearing bright blue eyeshadow. OMG!!! Talk about yuck. Yesterday while I was out shopping I saw two women that were together and had the exact same haircut. Short and spikey with the exact same highlights. Even some of the clothes I've seen lately have been so 80s. We are talking super tight pants with the black leather belt with silver studs on it.

I'm having trouble with today's fashions too. Why the hell do perfectly normal sized women insist on wearing hip hugger jeans??? They have to be worn so damn tight in order to keep them up that even thin women end up having fat hanging over them. I was standing behind this one chick that had her love handles hanging over her pants, the crack of her ass showing and when she turned around her stomach was hanging over the waistband too. I can't even imagine trying to move while wearing these jeans. The moment you bend over your crack is there for the world to see. God forbid you actually sit down. It would be different if they wore longer shirts but nooooo they wear short shirts that don't hardly come to their belly buttons. About a month ago I saw a woman putting her kid into his car seat and literally 2/3 of her ass was hangin out there for the whole parking lot to see. And let me tell you, this was no small ass either. hehehehe

I went to the doctor this afternoon. I've been having lots of pain in my lower back on the left side. I didn't do anything to cause it to hurt. Hell I don't have very much feeling in that side of my body to begin with. For the last 5 days I've been having sharp pains when I turn to the left. I was worried that my kidney might have been infected. The doc says my back is having spasms. Because of all the meds I'm on he wouldn't even give me anything for it. He told me to take some Tylenol. Ummmmm yeah right. That crap doesn't do anything for me at all. Well if I take like 8 of them they start to help. I'm going to have to stay off the computer as much as possible. I guess I'll get some more knitting done this way. hehe

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