Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Man I'm tired

Another long day at work down. One more to go. We only work a couple hours on Friday. I ended up going out to Mom's for pizza and to get the kid, so the power supply hasn't been installed yet.

I went back to Hobby Lobby again today. I picked up 2 more books. I'm officially on a book diet. hehehehe

The Knitters Bible
by Claire Crompton

Beautiful Knitting Patterns
by Gisela Klopper

They only cost me $23. Not too bad. I'm done though. I need to finish up some projects and use some yarn before I buy anything else. I've got 10 skeins of Hemp Wool blend coming in the next couple weeks. I've got enough yarn to see me through a few sweaters and shawls. Hell, I don't have room for more yarn right now. I don't have anywhere to put my new books yet. hehe

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