Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well I couldn't snag Mom's old camera cause my brother was still at her house when I left. He was the one who bought it for her and I don't wanna piss him off by snaggin it. hehe I figured I had better share some more of my current knitting projects with y'all though.

This is my Celtic Cable scarf. I'm using the Knit Picks Andean Silk that my SP5 partner sent me. The color is Bluebell. I've just started the second skein and it is about 19" long. Once I've got the 3rd skein finished I'll decide if I need to order another one. Hopefully it will stop curling so bad when I get it blocked. The reverse stocking stitch and garter stitch border are rolling in big time. I had to smush it pretty bad when I scanned it to get it to lay flat. hehe

I'm tryin like hell to keep myself away from eBay. In the last 2 weeks I've ordered 2 skeins of Twinkletoes fingering wt wool to make scarves with. One skein is in autumn colors and the other is blue and purples. I also won 2 auctions for AERO knitting needles. I just love those things. I won one auction for 8 sets of dpns and one auction for 5 circs. The seller is so awesome. I paid as soon as she sent me an invoice cause I wasn't sure of the shipping from Canada and I included a note about how much I love AERO needles and hooks. She wrote back that she found a couple more pairs and tossed them in as a bonus. I'm so tickled. I just love the enamel finish on the needles and hooks. I'm always looking for them on eBay but I usually lose out in the end. sigh

Well time to get some mail done and then get my happy ass to bed. It's back to school for the kid and back to work for me tomorrow. blahh

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Jon said...

Holy cow! Pictures!!! That scarf looks cool, I love Celtic knots.