Monday, November 07, 2005


Was back at the department store warehouse handing clothes up. I gotta tell you, there are people out there with too damn much money and they need to send me some. Just in suits alone, I hung up $63,000 worth of clothes. For the price of one of these suits, I would want at least 4 if not 5 suits. I also was hanging up sweaters that ran for over $150. Yeah they were cashmere but damn. I want to find the woman that will buy the 24" waist jeans that ran almost $70 and ram a few cheeseburgers down her throat. I think I might steal her purse too cause she has too much money in the damn thing. hehehe

I went to St. Vinnies after work. Nothing like going from super expensive clothes to super inexpensive ones. hehe I really wanted to buy a few things but I have too many clothes as it is. I was really looking for some baggy shorts to wear around the house. No luck there. I did pick up 12 magazines full of cross stitch and knitting patterns. There were some funky ass books from the way early 70s. One was supposedly unisex sweaters for both guys and girls, but at least 3 of the designs were lace. Ummmmm I don't think so.

I saw some outfits today that would completely give Jon fits. :OP One lady had green and tan striped pants on with a blue and white checked shirt over a blue t-shirt. I think she got dressed in the dark. I also saw some sweaters made out of the ribbon/ladder type yarn. At first I thought they were ponchos and I wanted to puke. They were bright colors and some had either lace or black velvet trim on them. I think I'll stick with my jeans and t-shirts tyvm.

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Jon said...

Ew. Ick.

I saw a woman yesterday with a blue floral print skirt and a mango orange top. There wasn't any orange in the skirt. I wanted to stop her and tell her how awful she looked but I kept my snarky comment to myself.