Friday, November 25, 2005

still alive...

but barely. I woke up this morning with a horrible horrible headache and it just will not go away. I think part of it was being pissed off at my brother yesterday. I was really upset that he didn't call me when he was in town at his girlfriend's grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner. Turns out he did know that my folks went to Michigan and he thought my son and I went along with. I guess I'll just have to wait to kill him. hehe

I finished the blue and fisherman mosaic hat today. I prolly would have had it done last night if I hadn't of had to rip it back so many damn times last night. I didn't have any stitch markers with me and I kept messing up the first row of the mosaic.

Here is a scan of the green hat too. The two different sizes look so different. I'm assuming that the blue hat, which is the small size, is supposed to be longer so it can be rolled up. The green/large hat fits my big ole fat head pretty good. hehe

I may get to take pics once in awhile now. My pain in the butt parents bought themselves another digital camera. They wanted to get a photo printer and it only cost another $70 for the camera too. It is a very nice camera. I would so love to snitch it from them. hehehe Mom has said I can borrow the old camera. Man I so want to get a good camera.

Well, time to get a shower and lay down. It is going to be so wonderful to sleep in my own bed tonight.


FaeryCrafty said...

They both look very good :)

SCarrGo said...

Wow! Great work on the hats!