Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It isn't my fault!!

I blame Ann.

She started it.

I was being good. I swear.

She had to go and post about the yarn she got at Smiley's. I didn't even have them in my bookmarks. Yeah, I've visited the site before, but I've never ordered anything.

That is until last night.

I ordered four skeins of Cervinia Calzetteria. Two in Naples and two in Verona for $2.50 each. Eight skeins of Lion Brand Kool Wool for $1.35 a piece. Two each in Camel, Khaki, Blue Jeans, and Eggplant. Five skeins of Bernat Berella Sportspun at $0.77 a piece. Three in Soft Yellow and two in Too Blue Print. Lastly there is eight skeins of Jamie Classic at $1.00 each. There are two skeins of white and one each of Peppermint Pink, Peach, Lemonade, Candy Blue, Pistachio and Lilac. Total price with shipping = $41.50. Not too bad considering how many skeins I ordered.

I've only got one project planned for sure for any of the yarn. The Jamie Classic will become the crocheted rainbow baby blanket on the cover of Baby's Best to knit and crochet by Helen Passey. I've made 2 of the blankets before and one each of the jacket and booties. Only thing is, I made them about 13 years ago. hehe I had three cousins expecting babies all at about the same time. I made my favorite cousin the whole set. Another cousin got a blanket. I started a blanket for the third, but I never finished it. I've still got it somewhere in a bag. This one is going to be a throw for lil ole me. :OP

I had originally borrowed the leaflet from my grandma. She was the only person I knew that crocheted. Somewhere over the years, either I had given the pattern back to her or lost it. Last summer, I wanted to make the blanket for another cousin but I'll be damned if I could locate the pattern. I gave up and made her a large blanket out of Baby Clouds I think. I kept searching for the pattern and found it on a web site about two months later. I managed to snag it for less than $3 including shipping.

Oh and by the by. I won five skeins of the Caron Sayelle in white on eBay last night. The shipping ended up being more than the yarn. Now I can match the yarn for the neck and front edges though. I'm about halfway through the second front piece. I'm going to wait to join the shoulders until I have the arms done. I may end up adding a strip of the black at the shoulders if I have enough of it left. The top stripes are only 6 rows high compared to 10 rows for all the other stripes. We shall see what I have left.

OK, off to do some knitting. Cross your fingers for me. I've got a job interview tomorrow. Not great pay, but it is temp to hire.


Anonymous said...


You naughty, naughty yarn wench you!! To the spinning room with you I say....



snowballinhell said...

Stop that! You're going to make me buy yarn, and I'm trying not to for a bit! ACK!