Monday, January 02, 2006


It's 5am. I think I slept about an hour. I've got bloodwork that has to be done early, so I had planned on getting up at 6:30. My eyes are finally back to feeling like maybe I could sleep, but I don't fall asleep very fast. I really don't think that Laying down is gonna help me much. I would just postpone going into the lab until later but Nick has been sleeping later and he goes back to school on Thursday. He needs to start getting up earlier. So do I for that matter. I would feel so much better if I could have a damn Pepsi. But nooooo... I have to fast for the damn bloodwork. I haven't had any caffeine or sugar since 8 last night.

I want my Pepsiiiiiii!!!!!

Yes, I'm addicted. No, I don't want to stop. No, I don't want to drink some gross tasting diet soda. I can not stand the taste of artificial sweeteners. They make me want to gag. It drives me nuts when people say, "Oh you get used to the taste." I'm sorry, I drink Pepsi cause I like the taste. I'm not gonna drink something that tastes like shit just cause it has no calories and no caffeine. I want me damn caffeine too!!!! I don't drink coffee. Love the smell of the stuff but it tastes like shit to me. Pepsi is my only addiction. Well, unless you count yarn. hehe

I almost ordered some pattern books online last night. There were 3 of them on clearance for a total of like $8.50. I kind of changed my mind when I got to the checkout and the shipping cost for 3 books was going to be $7.50. It doesn't cost no damn $7.50 to send 3 damn booklets. Off and on I've sold stuff on eBay and it never cost me more than say $4 for a fat envelope of booklets. Call me cheap but I ain't paying shipping like that.

There are tons of sellers on eBay that charge $10 to $12 for shipping for one skein of yarn or one book. They can kiss my cheap ass. I've seen some clothes and such with a pay now price of $2 and the shipping is $20 or more. I pity the people who don't pay attention to shipping. The only time I got suckered was when I won an auction for crochet thread. Pretty stuff and I won it cheap. Only thing was the guy was in Turkey and only accepted Bidpay. It cost me more for shipping and charges at Bidpay than the thread did. Live and learn I guess.

I decided to go ahead with Nick's sweater on size 4s. The sweater is only supposed to be 27 inches around but for some reason the back is 16 inches wide. Yes I did check my gauge. With size 5s my gauge was spot on even thought the pattern called for size 7s. I have no clue why my stitch width would go up so much when I went down a size for the garter edge. It is going to be one thick heavy sweater. The fabric is still pliable and all. I'm using Caron Sayelle. For acrylic, it is nice and soft but dense. I figure for a sweater for a 6 year old boy, I'm not using expensive yarn.

Since the sweater is turning out so heavy, I'm going to adjust the pattern to be a cardigan. I've just got to do a big of math and make some diagrams. So far I've got 2 stripes done and the edging. The stripes are 10 rows by 72 stitches. Once I get another 2 stripes done, I'll figure up exactly what my gauge is.

I'm hoping by turning the sweater into a cardigan that I'll end up having enough yarn for it. *blush* I found this pattern a few months ago and ordered the yarn off of Herrshner's. I probably ordered the yarn late at night and didn't look at the pattern properly. It calls for 150 meters (165 yards) of 7 colors. Well I ordered 7 skeins of yarn that are 150 YARDS each. doh I don't mind ordering another skein of the edging color, but I don't want to order another skein of each color and have tons of left overs. I suppose I could make a matching hat with smaller stripes. sigh

Question time. I noticed that when I left the sweater sit on the needles while I was eating dinner that it caused the stitches on that row to look different when I got farther into the sweater. Will this relax after awhile? When I was done knitting tonight, I put the live stitches on a piece of yarn to avoid the problem, but I don't always have enough time to do that when I have to run off after Nick. Is this just a problem with acrylic? I haven't really noticed this with the other yarns I've used. It may be cause I'm knitting on such small needles with worsted weight yarn.

I think I'm going to do some digging and see if I have any size 4 circs. At least when I'm not knitting I can slide the sweater onto the cable.

Well, I'm gonna go fold some laundry. Maybe if I take a shower it will help me feel more alive.

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FaeryCrafty said...

They may relax after blocking. I use circulars to keep this from happening