Monday, January 16, 2006


I swear, if I don't go back to work soon I'm going to go into a coma. I'm going to slip back into the daze that I was in for a year after leaving school. I had been doing quite well at staying alert and moving, but for the last 3 weeks or so not so much. It doesn't matter if I sleep all night, I'm tired all day. At least when I had somewhere to go and a job to do, I could trick myself into feeling half awake.

I tried using the organization program that came with the Instant Stitch set. The damn thing kept writing over records. I finally gave up and made my own database. I was going to make a spreadsheet, but decided that it wouldn't be as easy to sort. I had to get out my Office 2000 book in order to remember half of the crap in Access. I still had to use the help feature a bunch. I've got a fairly well running database though. I still don't have all my books and magazines in there yet. I just got bored typing stuff in. hehe I'll probably create a database for my yarn and needles too. Well those may work better as spreadsheets.

I've also started working on a new central web site for myself. I've got too many small ones that I don't work on enough. I have/had a tag site up on Anzwers but I can't get even the homepage to open. If any of y'all can get the site to open, let me know. I'm hoping that they just had a server or two go down and that they didn't go belly up. I have hundreds of tags up there and a couple web pages. I'll provide a link to my new site when I get a few pages up and working. I had to mess with the darn css for about a half hour to get the layout and the colors the way I wanted it. I've got to create some buttons and such for the site.

Time to try and work my way through some mail. Either that or I'm gonna go play some poker. hehe

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