Monday, January 02, 2006


While I was at Wal-Mart today, I was going to pick up a size 4 circular needle to use on my son's sweater. Well the smallest size they have is a 7. Well Hobby Lobby is across the street. So I head over thinking maybe I would pick up some bamboo needles. They of course didn't have them small enough either. They did have some Balene cirs though. I picked up a size 4 and size 6. By the 3rd or 4th stitch I was about to scream though. Now I know what everyone had been talking about with acrylic and plastic needles. You would swear I was jabbing a plastic needle into styrofoam. I don't know if the sound or the feel of it was worse. shiver I gave up after about 2 rows. I guess I'll work the sweater on my metal straights and when I need to put it down I'll knit a row onto the circ.

I'm afraid to go over to Micheal's to look for different needles. My mom said that most of the store was 50% off. I so do not need to spend any more money right now. You see, the needles weren't the only thing I picked up at Hobby Lobby. All books were 50% off. I don't remember seeing that advertised. Anyways, I picked up The Sock Journal and The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. I have now officially bought every book at Hobby Lobby that I care to own. Ok that sounded weird. I meant that of the books that they have in stock, I've bought the ones I want. They do have a stitch library that is nice but I have 3 or 4 large books of stitches. I doubt there is anything in that book that I can't find in one I already own.

Well, I'm pooped. I did manage to take a half assed nap during Harry Potter this afternoon. I would have gotten a more restful sleep if Nick hadn't of kept jumping on me and punching me in the butt. hehe As soon as Medium is over, I'm hittin the sack.

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