Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh for Pete's sake...

For the last two days I've been so worried about how large Nick's sweater was going to turn out. I'm making the Danny sweater from YarnFwd, btw. I couldn't understand why the heck my sweater back was about 16 inches wide when the finished sweater is supposed to be 27 inches. I just checked my gauge and I'm getting 17 1/2 stitches by 24 rows in a 4" square on size 4s. The gauge for the sweater is 18 stitches by 24 rows on size 7s. I guess I'm knitting a bit looser than I ever thought. hehe I had gotten gauge on size 5s but went down a size for the edge like the pattern calls for and it seamed so darn wide so I stayed with the size 4.

Long story short, I read the pattern wrong. The large is to fit someone with a 27" chest. The finished measurement is 32". hehehe So, my 16" back is just perfectly on gauge. wooowhoooo!!!

I'm still going to make it into a cardigan. It may be the right weight yarn at the right gauge, but man it feels heavy. I would rather he wear it over a shirt to play outside than to have him wear it as a sweater inside and be too hot. I've never been one to buy him sweaters. I usually feel too warm and I don't want him getting all overheated when he is running around. There have been many times when he was running around my folks house and ended up covered in sweat just from a long sleeve t-shirt.

Off to work on the sweater a little more. I'll post a picture showing the colors when I get the next band done. I'm really liking the colors. :O)

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Jon said...

Did you check your gayge on the sweater or the swatch? Sometimes people's gayge changes as they knit the garment because they aren't so conscientous. Or they could just not pay attention to the pattern. LOL

So if you got a new camera (or am I high?), post more piccies!