Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stash flash

Well I've got some of my stuff half sorted and organized.

This is the new shelving unit I built on top of my dresser. In the top left are crochet and knit leaflets. Top center are knit and crochet magazines and a cone of burgundy thread. I think there is enough to make a large table topper for my dining table. Top right is some misc papers and the cone of gray wool I'm going to use for a shawl. I'm going to use it doubled.

Middle left is fabric for baby blankets and bags. Middle center is misc wool off of eBay, a large skein of peach chenille and some baby yarn. Middle right is cross stitch and craft magazines that will more than likely go up on eBay and the hemp wool I'm going to use for a sweater for me.

Bottom left is two bags of Caron Perfect Match that will be tops for me, some thin boucle wool, recycled silk and Noro Kuryeon. Bottom center is a whole bunch of thin chenille that will become a blanket and a bunch of sock yarn. Bottom right is the remainder of the green boucle for my long unfinished sweater, the extra white Caron Sayelle for Nick's sweater and some misc yarn.

Is that all my stash?

Not by far. hehe

I've got 2 small totes and an underbed tote under my bed and various boxes and bags of yarn and thread in my closet. I've also got 2 tall and one small rolling stacked drawers of yarn and thread in the corner. None of this has been sorted through yet. I'm a bit slow. I need to find some magazine boxes that don't cost an arm and a leg. Either that or go through the ones I already have. hehe

Time to go work on Nick's sweater.

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abby said...

Those wire shelf things rock. I need to get around to re-organizing mine. :)