Friday, January 13, 2006

Send in the maid

If you are expecting tales of yarn or knitting. Skip this post. If you are expecting me to be even half amusing. Skip this post. All this is, is one great big ole pity party and whine fest. If you don't want to read a rant by a self abosorbed wackjob that can't spell, just keep surfing. I don't feel like being witty (which I'm not) or amusing (which I rarely am) or cute (which I know I'm not).

I'm so frustrated. Yesterday I bought one of those crate shelf kits for organizing my books and yarn. It's one of those metal grid kits that you put together into cubes in the configuration that you pick. I've got 2 other shelf sets like it in my room. The difference with this one is that it is from a different manufacturer and whoever it was that designed the connectors was a complete and total fuckwad. If the connector isn't completely seated on the grid, it pops all the way off. If you are pushing on the connector to get another grid aligned, it will pop off. I managed to get one cube put together but as soon as I started adding on the second one, it all started falling apart. The kit is now back in the box. I will be returning it to the store and going to a different store looking for the sane version of this shelf.

The part that is really pissin me off is that once again, my bed is completely covered in stuff. Oh it isn't all just on the bed either. There are baskets of stuff out in the living room and hallway. I DO NOT want to go in to town tonight. But I also want to be able to sleep in my bed without piling all this stuff on the floor.

I'm tired and half depressed and I don't want to go take another shower and get dressed and drive 20 minutes into town and deal with the twits at Shopko and then deal with the twits and Target and then go to Wal-Mart for soda and then drive all the way back home and put all this shit together. (sentence long enough for ya?) What I want to do is lay down until my headache goes away. But my damn bed is full of stuff!!! I had pizza for lunch so I have heartburn. My ears are ringing like a son of a bitch. I'm hot and sweaty. I can just feel the damn grease sitting on my scalp. I would give anything for a great big ole tub. It doesn't even have to have the hot tub jets in it. I just wanna lay in a bunch of bubbles without either my whole top half or my legs half out of the damn tub.

I'm goin batty cause I haven't worked since before Christmas. I'm sick of my own company. I want to deal with other adults besides my freakin parents. My dad is more like a freakin 3 year old anyway. I can't stand one more conversation with my son right now where I know he is going to come back with "How do you know?" Six year old boys can be such pains in the butt. :OP

Please excuse all the glaring spelling errors that I'm sure are in this post. Blogger is being a pain and none of the posting tools will load. I'm gonna go stand in the damn shower until the water runs cold. Maybe then I'll feel like heading into town and getting the crap I need. Don't count on it. I'm sure I'll end up going to the gas station for a bottle or two of pepsi later. Don't worry, I'll pass right on by the beer and other booze. They don't sell Southern Comfort. ha

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