Monday, January 09, 2006

The things we do for yarn

I just got done moving my queen sized bed and putting it up on blocks. I did this so my under bed storage tote will actually fit UNDER my bed. I can fit some of my shallow totes under there now too. But boy am I pooped. I can't wait for the first time the kid starts jumping on my bed. I can just see the look of fear on his face as it falls off the blocks. HEHEHEHE No it isn't unstable but he has been known to get bouncing good. Maybe now he will listen when I tell him to stop.

I'm trucking right along on Nick's sweater. I'm almost to the point of shaping the left front. I need to decrease 10 stitches in order to have the right number of stitches for the shoulder. So, I'm going to decrease one stitch ever 2 rows. I figure this will give me a nice V-neck. If I'm wrong, oh well I guess I'll take a trip to the frog pond. :OP I won't cut the yarn at the end of the last 2 stripes just in case. I've got a lead on some more white yarn for the neck and front edge. Cross your fingers for me that no one else is on a mission to steal this yarn out from under me.

I've gotten a few of my eBay wins in the mail in the last week. Yeah I know I shouldn't be playin on there but.... well..... HUSH!!! From one nice lady I got 4 older pattern leaflets. Pattern #557 Kim Hargreaves from Rowan which is a pattern for a nice cotton sweater or tunic with chevrons on it. I'll have to do a little bit of adjusting to make the chest measurement fit me. Pretty typical for me. hehe Pattern #82001 ColorBlock Family with Striped Backs from Reynolds. This is for either a pull-over or cardigan and the largest size will fit me. *BG* Patons leaflet 1130, Classic Raglans. There are 2 pull-over versions and a cardigan. The largest size will fit me but I'll probably add a lil more ease to them. Finally I got Classic Elite Yarns leaflet #486. This is for a baby sweater and an adult sweater with lots of color. I don't have to alter this one either unless I want to. Yeah!!

From a different seller I got a copy of the Drifting Dreams Jacket from Just One More Row. This one is going to be interesting to do. I just have to find some pretty yarn. And from yet another seller I picked up the Instant Stitch cds. There are 4 disks: PM Stitch Creator, Sweater Design, Personal Patterns for Children, and Organized Expressions. I really got it for the sweater creator, but I like the organizer program. I went a little nuts when I tried to install everything. I got PM Stitch to install just fine, but I couldn't get the others to install. I tried everything I could think of and was getting very ticked. I ran Disk Cleanup and defragged. Still nothing. Finally I ran the setup files as administrator and it worked. tg

No more eBay wins. Those wins were over the last month though. It isn't like I won them all last week. hehe The yarn co-op that I belong to is doing a co-op with 100PureWool on eBay and I ordered 2 skeins in a real pretty green. I'm not real sure what I'll make with it, but I've been coveting their yarn for quite some time.

Well, time to finish reorganizing my room. HUD is doing inspections soon and the landlord is flipping because I have a low dresser under my bedroom window. Big whoop. Granted I'm not good at keeping tons of yarn and books off of it. :P

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Colleen said...

You will LOVE the yarn from 100purewool on ebay - I've ordered lots of stuff from her. I made a Clapotis and a Hot Lava cardigan out of the stuff. It is so soft!!! Good for you!