Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2 days

2 more stinking days. Then it is freedom!!!!

Finally got the whole kid getting to school problem. Not before I had a total freak out.

Turns out my mom didn't actually get permission to take the kid to school each morning.

I found this out at 5:30 this morning while driving to work. grrrr

Turns out Dad is working the overnight shift and will be home before Mom has to leave for work. So, the kid is spending the night at my folks house. Dad will be taking the kid to school.

I have no clue what I'll be doing next week. I'm actually hoping for a few days off. I need to recover from all this 4am shit.

I'm gonna miss the gals that I've been working with. I intend to give at least one of them my email address. I'm trying to infect her with the fiber love. hehehe She knows how to crochet and has knit in the past. I gave her two skeins of silver fun fur shit to make a scarf with along with a scarf that I knit up for my sister in law but never gave her. I've been trying to show her again how to cast on. She has a baby blanket she wants to get finished for a friend of hers first though.

Susie just had a contest on her blog. I jokingly asked if that was how people got all the comments, running contests. She told me I should run a contest on here. lol It might happen. This is post 291. Maybe I'll give something away when I hit 300 posts. I'm sure any comments I might actually get would be from someone who's blog I read since only about 5 people actually read my blather. lol All I know, is that whoever does win better like sock yarn. I've got more sock yarn than I could ever knit up. hehehehe

Anyways, it's time to hit the sack. Might leave the tv on so I can watch LOST. Love that show.

Night, night.

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