Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Nick says his momma is crazy for doing this stuff. lol I took that picture a few days ago before giving the kid a hair cut. He looks much better now. lol

And yes, this is my 300th post! More details on that at the bottom along with the crappy contest info.

Here is the bright ass yarn that I'm going to make a scarf with. Believe me, in person, this yarn is much brighter. Almost neon looking. I've got a black coat, so I'm not worried about matching colors. I'm pretty sure that it's from Fearless Fibers. She does some really amazing colors.

Now a bit of advice. There is an eBay store called Knittems. You might be tempted to buy one of their huge 2 lb "skeins" of yarn. Don't do it!!! Well not unless you have a huge, I mean huge, swift to hold the yarn. Otherwise you are going to end up with this.

Yes, that is all the same skein of yarn. This is after winding off a huge ball of yarn already. I'm not sure where I packed it away in the closet or I would have taken a picture of it too. Anyways, the yarn turns into a total mess of a knot no matter what I have tried to do. It started out as a nicely tied skein, but once it was untied, the "fun" began. Did I mention that I've been winding yarn off of this for at least 6 months? It's probably been closer to a year. I had to pack it away for awhile there. Someday, I'm hoping that this will turn into a sweater or even a twin set. I'm not going to hold my breath though. hehe
And now for the fun stuff. The contest.
The first person to comment on this here post, will receive this lovely skein of sock yarn.

It's from RubySapphire Yarns and handpainted by Lauri in Lavender Rose. I've bought several skeins of their yarn and it is yummy and very soft. This skein is approximately 4oz/420 yards of sport weight Merino.
I tell ya, I'm half tempted to keep this skein and dig out one of the big name brands and give that away. Goodness knows I've got lots of that hidden away too. hehe Contrary to the amount of pink and purple yarn I seem to buy, I really don't wear those colors much. I need to stick to the blues and greens. For some reason lately though, I've been really attracted to autumn colors though. Not sure why though. I'm not a big fan of brown or orange. heh
Anyways, I'm gonna go pass out now. I carbed out at dinner and I'm pooped now. Ok, now someone please leave me a nice comment and make sure you have an email address included. If I can't contact you, I can't send ya the yarn now can I? hehe Toodles!


Shoe Girl said...

PInk and purple are my favorite colors, seriously! I've enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it through Colorado Knits. I was born in raised in SE Iowa but now i live in Oklahoma.


FaeryCrafty said...

HOLY CRAP!! That is a huge hank of yarn!!

Michelle said...

Happy 300th post, Becky! Nick is a cutie :)