Friday, February 02, 2007

well crud

Turns out the laundry job isn't done. The boss asked me to come back next week. The kid is not happy with me. I promised him this morning that he wouldn't have to get up so early any more.


The other temps are not coming back. I'm the lucky one. That is because they trained me on a bunch of the jobs there. They gave up on trying to train the guys on how to do anything. Talk about some slow pokes. Neither one could find his own ass with a map and a flashlight.

It's also looking like the one chick that I can't stand at the laundry might just get her ornery ass fired. She has been getting yelled at a whole lot the last week. When I left today she was in the office again getting her ass chewed out. bwaaahhhaahhhhaaahhhhaaaaa Who knows, maybe they will offer me her job since they have me more than half trained to do it. hehe

Nothing much new in the knitting news. I finally spliced on a second skein of the blue alpaca and added a few inches to the blue scarf before taking my usual nap during the news. lol I'm also seriously thinking about making myself a pair of gloves. I'm not thinking about something real thick, maybe just something to wear under my leather work gloves that I wear for driving. I've got some rainbow Hot Sox sock yarn that I'm putzing with. I had half a sock done in it and I ripped it out last night. I know I would never ever wear the rainbow socks. hehe

Out of curiosity, do any of y'all have a paid Yahoo email account? It seems like every 4 months or so I'm unable to open new emails for about 4 or 5 days. Doesn't matter if I restart my computer and clear out the temp files. Doesn't matter if I use a different browser. I can open up the new spam mail but not my regular mail. Pisses me off. Plus, I have other free accounts with Yahoo and I can read the mail just fine. It's just the paid account that is fubar. sigh

Oh well, time to hit the sheets. Need to hit the stores tomorrow. Found out I've got almost $300 on my food stamps card that is about to expire. I had no clue at all that it was on there. I haven't gotten any food stamps in a year. Gonna stock up on spaghetti o's and chicken nuggets for the kid. heh

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