Sunday, February 11, 2007

Talk about scary

I was sitting here reading email when I heard a strange beeping. I asked Nick if he knew what it was. He had no clue. I went out in the living room and couldn't hear it out there.

When I came back in my room I could hear it again. I shrugged it off assuming that it was my neighbor's alarm clock.

Then it hit me. It sounded just like our smoke alarms!! So I got dressed and went over and banged on her door.

Turns out that she was warming up her car in the garage and didn't open the door up all the way. The carbon monoxide detector was going off and she couldn't turn it off. She ended up having to call the maintenance guy. He is a nice guy and came over to check to make sure mine hadn't gone off too.

For about a minute there I was pretty damn scared. I've got tons of stuff in this house and if there was a fire it would go up like a tinderbox. shiver


Susan said...

That would've scared the bejeebez out of me too! Glad ya figured out what it was!


ikkinlala said...

I'm glad you figured it out!