Monday, February 19, 2007

Is it me?

Or is the blogging world a little quiet right now?

Not a whole lot to report here. I ripped back the purple baby hat because I forgot I wasn't making a preemie hat and boy howdy was it short. hehe I'm about halfway done with the decreases. Maybe I'll have pictures later.

I would have had the hat done, but I decided to work on the pink sweater. I do believe I've managed to teach myself how to knit backwards with a bit of speed and accuracy. I would have gotten more done on the darn thing if I the yarn wasn't so splitty. I keep finding spots where the yarn has split and there is a stitch made only with part of the strand. So, I had to keep dropping stitches back and fixing them. I've actually gotten pretty good at that too. hehe

I know I mentioned a contest the other day. Not that anyone asked me for details or anything. :OP This here post makes 299 posts. I'm thinking that if someone, anyone, comments on my next post, I'll just have to give the first person something. That is assuming someone actually comments. I think I'll have to get the big tote out from under the bed and see what pretty sock yarn I can come up with.

I'm thinking I need to make myself another scarf. This time out of wool. I've been wearing an old acrylic scarf I made a few years back and I'm really just loving it. It is super long and I can wrap it around my head twice, but it just isn't very soft. I think I have some bright yellow and bright green sock yarn in the tote. Maybe I can combine the two and get a bright ass funky scarf out of it. hmmm

Lots to do, lots to do.


Michelle said...

Hey I leave you comments lady! :)

ikkinlala said...

I read your blog sometimes, but I'm horrible about remembering to leave comments. I'll try to be better!