Saturday, February 24, 2007


To Melissa for winning the yummy sock yarn. I'll have that out to you on Monday. Well that is if I can get out of the darn house that is. lol

Right now all of Northeastern Iowa is under a freaking blizzard warning. They are talking a foot of snow here in addiction to the ice and rain. Right now most of the roads are closed. Many large highways are closed because of multiple downed power lines. There are over 100,000 houses without power right now. Scary chit man.

I have a feeling that we will not be leaving the house again tomorrow. Today we stayed in the house and played games on the pc. I only opened the door once, turned back around and grabbed a blanket. hehe

I'm supposed to start training for the clinic job. I may not take it though. Got a call from my mom that they aren't even going to pay me $7 an hour for it. Ummmmmm I ain't going anywhere for less than $7. So Monday, I'm gonna give the temp agency a call. Plus I have no clue if the roads will be opened back up. If there is no school, I'm not going anywhere.

I finished the hat and booties for my cousin. I'll get a picture of them before I give them to her. My mom wants me to add ribbon to them. It's not enough that I made the damn thing without even using a pattern. They aren't "pretty" enough for her. My question is, who the hell puts ribbon on a stocking cap??

I've started a scarf using the bright green sock yarn. I was going to add in the yellow stuff, but upon winding it, I realized it had pink and orange in it too. It just would be too much competition with the variegated green yarn. I'm doing a basic feather and fan pattern. I'm thinking it looks quite lovely. The yarn is nice and squishy and stretchy. The only part I'm not liking is how the bottom of the "waves" rolls up. Depending on how much of the yarn I use up in knitting the length, I'm thinking I'll put a very simple single crochet edge around the whole thing.

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hehe Always knew I was weird, but I thought I was weirder than that. :OP

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