Monday, February 05, 2007

Excuse me while I cry

Life is trying to kick my ass.

For starters, it is freaking freezing here in Iowa. -10 before you add in the windchill. They delayed school 2 hours today and it looks like it will be delayed 2 hours again tomorrow.

The babysitter's car has died. She snuck the kid onto the school bus this morning, but we have no clue if they will let him ride the rest of the week. Mom has to be to work by 7:30, so she can't take him to school. Soooooo if they won't let him ride the bus, I have to say see ya to the job I've got right now. Well that is unless they don't mind me coming in at 8:30. Yeah right!!

Speaking of cars, my blower motor is going out. About 70% of the time, I have no heat in the car. Did I mention that it is -10 here??? bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I really need to call my lil bro and find out if he is able to replace it for me. I would rather give him some money than a garage that will take me for all they can get.

To top it off, Nick just called me into the living room. There is no picture on the tv. There is sound, but no picture. uuunnnnnggggghhhhhhhhh It's about 7 years old. The tv in Nick's room is about 15 yrs old and still works just fine. I do believe his tv is gonna be going into the living room for awhile.

Cross your fingers that the kid can get to school tomorrow. So long as he can get to school, I can work the rest of the week. Now, I'm gonna go take a shower so the kid won't hear me throwing a hissy fit. sigh

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