Saturday, December 03, 2005

yeah i'm alive

I've been workin my poor fingers to the bone at work. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day right up until the point when they laid off all the temp workers. sigh

I'm currently working of a lacey scarf for my mom. Actually there are two of them. I'm not sure which one I like better but I'm leaning towards the Mystical Yarn Creations fingering weight scarf. It is in shades of purple and blue. I forget the name of the colorway. The other scarf is in Twinkletoes sock yarn that I just got. The Twinkletoes is a thicker yarn by far and it just isn't as lacey looking as I want it to be. Mom got a new black leather coat and I want the scarf to be something special to wear with it.

I still have to work on the scarves for my brother and his lady. I'll have to do them on circs or change needle size because last night I discovered that one of my dpns was snapped clean in half. sniff sniff I was using plastic dpns so I wasn't afraid of them breaking. In fact the one was all bent from being half melted. hehe I had run hot water over it and used a hairdryer to get it flexible enough to straighten it. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be getting my AERO needles in the mail pretty soon. I've got some yarn coming from eBay too. I swear I didn't think I would win the auction. I just put in the minimum bid figuring that someone else would bid on it and win. hehe

Well, I'm off to work on Mom's scarf. I think I'll go across the street and get lunch. I need to go grocery shopping though. uggghhhhh I don't really need to pick up much but I really need to get some milk. Any volunteers to go pick some up for me? hehe

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