Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday night

I've been a bad bad girl. I just ordered 3 skeins of Cascade 220. Ok so it was 40% off. hehe Bo Peep's Wool Shop is having a sale until January 1st. All in-stock yarns (except Sisik) and needles (except Brittany) on sale at 40% off and all in-stock books on sale at 20% off. The yarn should go well with the 3 skeins I have for my long waiting felted knitting bag. It should be enough to make the messenger bag on Knitty.

I started Nick's sweater. I have the garter stitch edging done for the back. No pictures cause how exciting can 10 rows of white garter stitch be?? I had to go down to a 5 in order to get gauge. I did the edging on 4s but man it looks way wider than my gauge on the 5s in stockinette (sp?). I need to get a size 5 circular to do the body on. I've only got 5s in dpns. Tomorrow I'm taking down the Christmas tree and I'm going to do laundry. Maybe then I'll be able to get to all of my knitting stuff and sort all my damn needles. hehe Well, I guess I do know where a pair of single point 5s are at but they are a real flexible plastic. I just know that the yarn will stick on it and the needles will bend when I'm using them.

I'm almost halfway into the last skein of Andean Silk for my blue celtic scarf. It is going to be plenty long enough when I'm done. I'm thinking that the next time I make a cabled scarf, I'm going to just put a plain knit edge on it. With the reverse stockinette base of the cable, I'm thinking the knit edge will counteract the curl or just make what looks like an i-cord edge when it curls. I pray that blocking will make this scarf lay flat. I also hope that it stays nice and soft. Don't want much do I? hehe

Ok, time to get my boring butt to bed. Night y'all.

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FaeryCrafty said...

Yay Yarn!!! Happy New Year :)