Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Have you ever watched a talk show and just so wished you could smack the shit out of one of the hosts???? The more I watch this one woman, the more I would love to just smack her. It's like she is a member of some sort of cult and the shit that comes out of her mouth is just insane. She acts all high and mighty but is living in some alternate universe.

I was going to just post in huge letters saying, " I HATE SO AND SO!!! " But I don't need any of her fellow cult members flaming me.

In knitting news, I'm about half way through clue 3. Maybe a lil less than halfway, but close enough. I did some major surgery on the Galveston shawl yesterday before the movie. Somehow about 5 rows before the pattern got way off in one area. I've got it on some of the KnitPicks Option needles. I put the end caps on my working needles and dropped back the offending stitches. I used the tips on my other cable and picked up the stitches and worked them back up in the right darn configuration. This wasn't the first mistake that I had found, but man oh man was it the worst. And of course, I haven't got the ability to just let a mistake be. Even if it isn't real noticeable, I have to fix it. Cause I would KNOW. hehe

We went to Michael's yesterday before the movie and the child has put in an order for a new hat. He saw some Wool-Ease on clearance and said it was pretty. It's color 223 Autumn. I picked up 2 skeins and I figure I can make us some matching hats out of it. Or maybe I'll just make him a hat and scarf. I really don't do hats. My dang head is too big.

Anyways, I'm off to eat lunch and do some knitting. Cross your fingers that I don't snap and try and hurt any other tv hosts. hehehe


Kathy Wajerski said...

I know what you mean. I don't watch talk shows anymore because of that.

I just ordered some Wool Ease from Lion Brand to make my son a sweater (from Stitch & Bitch Nation--Jesse's Flames). It's a reasonably priced, decent wool blend. I like knitting with it.

I'm new to your blog but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it.

Mrs. H said...

Tell me who it is and we can hate them together! I don't like most of them. LOL