Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I give

No knitting content to speak of right now. So, if you are here for that, sorry. Maybe next time.

Right now, I am just feeling icky. As soon as my insurance kicks in and the kid gets back in school, I'm getting checked out again for diabetes. God I hate even thinking that it has come to that.

I've been tested before and while my sugars were in the normal range, they were on the high side. Never anything that needed any serious attention. I've always been able to tell when things were a little off and adjusted what I was eating or doing to feel better.

I tried to blame it on being tired from working this weekend, but I really can't. I was in bed by 10:30 last night and got up at 7am. Granted I didn't fall asleep right away or sleep all the way through but I shouldn't be tired.

I had some pizza for lunch and got sleepy. Not at all unusual for me. I usually get sleepy after eating pizza but I love pizza.

Then I had some pasta salad earlier. And again, I got sleepy. About half an hour ago, I got dizzy. I have been having little dizzy spells since.

Granted, it could be the old inner ear thing happening again. I first got dizzy today when I looked up kind of fast. Turning my head is doing it too. The one doc said I had calcium build up in my ear canals or some such BS. I have some exercises that help. I look like a freaking moron swinging my head around and shaking, but they do work.

Right now, I'm afraid that if I try doing it, I'll puke. lol I may decide to lay down for just a bit.

I will be looking into the diabetic recipes that I have stored on my pc. I'm going to cut back on the Pepsi a little bit. A little. I love the Pepsi. Can't live without the Pepsi. Don't tell me to drink the diet shit. Cause it is just that.... SHIT!! I don't want to get used to it. I don't like it. At all.

Ok, I'm gonna go lay down and watch my gossip shows. Gotta see what the twits in Hollyweird are doing. Makes me feel more normal. (Hush up back there you two!)

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Shelly said...

You know, I just love Diet Pepsi! HA! I love that stuff...I'm obviously addicted to Nutrisweet or something, which is probably truly, truly bad for me.

A friend from work introduced me to Diet Pepsi Max--extra caffeine, and it also has ginseng. Yeah, baby...!!! LOL!!