Friday, July 06, 2007

Holy FSM Batman!!!!

I am soooooo tired and sooooooo sore it ain't funny.

This chicky is not used to standing for 12 hours. I'm gonna go soak my tootsies and probably hit the sack by 9. lol

The funkiest thing is the way my left hand is twitching. When I hold my hand flat, my index finger and pinky pulse outward. My palm was pulsing like mad earlier. Was quite disturbing. So long as my hand is moving, my fingers do as they are told. If I hold my hand flat and still, my fingers do the mombo. I think it is because I pinched a nerve in my hand from leaning on it. I'm gonna work on not leaning on my hand, but man my feet are not wanting me to put all my weight on them.

Ok, time to soak da feat. Please cross yer fingers that I survive tomorrow. Not to mention Sunday. lol

1 comment:

FaeryCrafty said...

Sounds like you may have a bit of a pinched nerve there. In my unprofessional opinion ;) Fingers crossed for you surviving tomorrow!