Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm alive!

Just barely. Well ok, it's not that bad. I'm pretty damn sore though.

The limbs are a little rubbery. I woke up last night at about 1:30 and decided to head to the potty. All was fine when I sat up and put my right foot on the floor. All was fine when I swung my left foot onto the floor. The trouble came when I tried to stand up. My left leg was having none of that. No way was it going to hold my big ole butt up. Thankfully, I still had my right hand on the bed when I went to stand up. So I didn't fall. Just came damn close. Once I got my balance, the leg got with the program and I was able to walk to the potty. But for half a second there I was going, "WTF???"

Another thing that is pretty sore is the left arm. Went to pull my right leg up on my chair and used my left hand cause well the legs are a lil tired. Well, let me tell you, the cry of outrage that came out of my arm was none too friendly. I think lifting all that pipe yesterday made my arm think it was going to get a vacation today. hehe

I'm just a big ole pile of whiny bones and muscles today. I think about the only part of me that isn't in pain is the nose. And that lil booger is itchy right now. lmao I suppose that if I had gone in to work this morning, my body would have loosened up and stopped aching so much. But, it's my day off and I slept in. Didn't get up until 10 til 6. Felt like heaven. lol I swear that sounds so sick that sleeping in means gettin up near 6am. I have to be up at 4:30 on weekends so that I'm presentable for work. I do NOT wake up quickly or gently.

Ok enough of the work related whining. I really do like my job. The days are long and I average only 3 hours of awake time after work, if I'm lucky, but it isn't really that horribly dirty or hard. It's not real taxing on the brain. I won't go in to detail about what I do, but I work with pipe all day. I bend it. I drill it. Some of it is quite thin and some looks as thick as a leg. Some is quite long and some are relatively short. It's a very laid back work place. In the area I work in, on the weekends, there are only 4 of us. There are usually 4 other people on the other side of the building, but we rarely see them. Fridays have a bit more activity as there are people that work more of a normal 5 day work week that overlaps our 3 day weekend.

On the knitting front: no progress.

Ok, I did just knit 4 rows of clue 3 on the mystery stole. I'm having a bit of trouble concentrating on it. Plus, the needles are so damn small that it feels weird. I got used to large diameter pipes and here I'm knitting on size 3 circs. Can we say toothpicks? lol I did do some knitting on another project that is on either size 5 or 6 needles and the yarn is way the hell thicker than the stole yarn. But I only did maybe 10 rows on that.

I've signed up for Renee's next mystery shawl. How could I not?? I even ordered myself some JaggerSpun Zephyr for this one. I went searching for the best price and OMG can we say surprising?? (It's a vocabulary building day here at the house of Frod. :OP) I saw a couple places that were charging $60 for a one pound cone. UMMMMMMMM Not ready to spend that much on yarn right now. I have paid a good price for yarn before but daaaaaaamnnnn. I had already heard about before though. Probably through the mystery shawl group. Anyways, I picked up a cone of Zephyr in Apricot. I had been leaning towards the Lady Slipper, but when I finally went to order it, the color was no longer in the drop down menu. Guess someone else ordered it before I got up the nerve. And hey, how can you pass it up when she only charges $37 for one pound. Yeah, over $20 cheaper than some places. If I like this stuff as much as others seem to, I'll be buying all my Zephyer from her. I'm sure after I've been working a while, I'll be checking out the rest of her store.

I've finally given up on my Addi supplier. He obviously has dropped off the face of the earth. Frankly only a severe illness or death in the family can explain his total lack of contact with anyone. I emailed him over 2 weeks ago, I believe, letting him know that it had been a month since I had paid for the 2 sets of circs that I needed for the last KAL and I still hadn't received them. No response. So, I left bad feedback for him last week and opened a dispute on PayPal. After a week, still no response. So I filed a claim. I have bought from this guy for over a year. I have never had any problems with him. Well ok, last time he had to send a replacement because my needles didn't come. But it only took another week to get the needles all the way from Hong Kong. He has the best prices out there for Addis on eBay, but the last 13 feedbacks have all said that they didn't get their needles and he won't respond to emails. He seems to have dropped out of sight in the middle of June.

Looks like I'll be switching over to KnitPicks needles from now on. That is what I'm using on the mystery stole. They are quite nice. I did get one pair of cables and 2 pairs of tips. So far so good. I just love the flexible cables. Very comparable to Addi Turbos. Ya can't beat the price either. It's much easier for me to pay $6 or so for tips than pay $18 for one needle.

Oh well, I'm gonna go see what the kid is doing. There are some nasty storms heading through eastern Iowa, so I gotta keep an eye on the weather too. Supposed to rain all week and stay in the 80s. Oh Joy!! I'll post pics of the stole when I get clue 3 done. And I'll re give the specs on the yarn since someone asked about it. Otherwise, just go to and look for Bloom.

BTW go listen to some Flyleaf so you can have the same song going through your head as I do. lmao

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