Monday, July 30, 2007

Kidlet Update

Mr. Nick is doing pretty good today. He hasn't much complained about too much pain. He slept really well last night. He got about 8 hours. Loads more than he got the night before. He doesn't have much of an appetite though. I'm thinking that the Lortab is leaving a nasty taste in his mouth. He has complained that the food I've given him doesn't taste right.

It's been hard keeping the lil fart sitting in the recliner. I keep telling him to keep his arm up on a pillow. As you can see, he isn't listening too well. hehe I had just given him a pain pill about a half hour before taking these pictures. I do believe he was just a lil high. hehe

He looks adorable in this picture though. I might have to have my mom print it off on her photo printer for me. He loves having his picture taken.

We go and see the orthopedist tomorrow afternoon. Due to the insurance issues, I will have to pay for the visit right away. Once the insurance is all settled, they will reimburse me, but it will be at least 10 working days before the insurance is even looked at. Cross your fingers that he doesn't need surgery cause I am not sure I'll be able to swing that.

I'm just glad he is being such a trooper. Hardly any complaints out of him. He was a bit testy last night before we left my folk's house. But I think he was just tired. And pissed that I wouldn't let him play on the computer any more. He doesn't need to be messing with a computer mouse with a broken right arm.

Ok, I'm off to work on the MS3 and the new mystery shawl. I've got the first 14 or so rows done on the new shawl. I'm liking the Zephyr so far. It is kind of splitty though. Oh well. More updates tomorrow night.


FaeryCrafty said...

Poor kiddo :( I hope he heals quickly!

Tara said...

Aww man. That SUCKS. My sister broke her left arm like that when we were about that age. She fell off a stage at brownies and landed on me. She had a cast for quite a while. One of her friends thought it was funny to push a red gummy bear deep into the cast. When it came of, her arm had been dyed red. It was gross. Keep him away from friends with gummy bears.