Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Knitting progress

I just finished row 137 a lil while ago. Figured I would take some progress pictures for y'all. I've got about 13 rows left of clue 2. I should be able to finish it tomorrow with no problems.

Almost lost this picture. Uploaded it, typed and poof. It was gone. Shoot, the first time I tried to upload it, I couldn't understand why the hell I kept lagging out. I've stopped naming my pictures cause I take so many anymore and turns out the picture that I was uploading was one of the kid sitting on my bed. It's about 580k. Yeah no wonder I kept going poof. 28.2k is not a good connection speed for uploading pictures.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the tip of the stole is more blue than brown. I guess the orange t-shirt wasn't the right one to use as a background this time. I couldn't find the red one though. Must be in the laundry. Or on the floor. hehe

Here you can see the main motif in the pointed area. I'm torn between thinking it looks like a dragon or a goat of some sort. It really does look like there is a face there looking back at me. hehe

And here is a close up of some of the beads. Here you can really tell that they are different colors. They range from a flat silver to black and bronze. Some even have a blue tint to them.

I forgot to measure before I started unpinning, but I think it's about 20" wide. Right about what it is supposed to be according to the pattern. Total shocker. LOL I knit nothing to gauge. Ever! I always just fudge along. Shawls and stoles don't mater much when it comes to gauge.

Well, ok, the last shawl was a little disappointing. I suppose if I had used larger needles it might have been larger. But I didn't like the looser stitches. I will make this shawl again in a thicker yarn. I've even looked at a few yarns, but well, I haven't even been paid yet. lol I need to pay bills first and I've got lots of yarn in the stash already.

Anyways, I'm going to go finish up with mail and get my butt to bed. No use getting used to staying up late when I know I'll need to be in bed by at least 9:30 tomorrow so I'll be awake Friday morning. I'll post new pics tomorrow if I get the 2nd clue done. I'll use the white sheet instead of messing with colors next time too. hehe


Susie said...

GORGEOUS yarn and colorway, and the beads are absolutely perfect. Your stole is going to be a true thing of beauty!

Anonymous said...

Nice work - i'm definately going to use beads now when i make this in 'real' wool instead of this sport weight acrylic. Because they look gorgeous on yours!