Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday ramblings

Well, Nick didn't get his cast today.

Turns out the doctor he saw Saturday night was a wackjob hack. He shouldn't have manipulated Nick's arm at all. Protocol says that he should have sent him to Dubuque for treatment. With as bad as the break was, he should have had it set that night by an orthopedist. There was actually an orthopedist that was expecting to see Nick on Monday. We were not even told that this doctor was talked to. The doctor we saw today was not at all happy that the one on Saturday took it upon himself to straighten the kid's arm.

The orthopedist's office was not happy with the insurance issues either. We had to talk to a social worker from the hospital in order convince them that they would get paid. If the Hawk-I insurance doesn't come through, I'll apply for Title 19 again. Found out that my folk's home owner's insurance will only cover $1000. Not so sure that will cover everything or not. I actually had to give the office $300 before they would even see Nick.

Tomorrow, Nick has to go in for a mini physical to make sure that he is healthy enough to be sedated. Thursday morning he has to go into the hospital to have his arm set and casted. They have to put him under so they can fix the mess that the other doctor created. The arm is pretty straight, but not as straight as it needs to be in order for a cast to be put on. The doctor today didn't realize just how badly broken Nick's arm was I guess. Basically, it came within millimeters of having the bone come through the skin. That would have meant immediate surgery. Not to mention and totally hysterical mother. hehe

On the bright side, Nick is not in any real pain. Occasionally he complains about a headache. No he didn't hit his head. I think it is just the strain on his body. He has winced a few times moving around and when we have to adjust his sling he gets uncomfortable. But sheesh the kid is strong and brave on that front. The only time in the whole ordeal that he has cried or anything was when the ER doctor was stretching his arm to straighten it. He is much braver than I am. hehe

In knitting news, I'm up to about row 26 on the new mystery shawl. No pictures yet. Once I get the whole clue done I'll take a picture. I'm up to row 235 on the mystery stole. I've got a long long way to go before clue 4 is done for me. I will be doing at least one increase in length. Once I get that done, I'll decide if I want to go for another increase. I just haven't been able to concentrate on the knitting for very long. But I think I deserve a pass on that one. hehe

Ok, I'm gonna go watch Singing Bee and drool all over Joey. He so reminds me of a guy I had a crush on about 15 years ago.


FaeryCrafty said...

I'm so glad that he isn't hurting.

Mrs. H said...

OMGosh! Poor kid! I think I'd go slap the crap out of the ER doc. I would call the hospital and complain long and loud about the fact that the ER doc screwed up and mention the word lawsuit if there's any additional damage caused by what he did to Nick. Stupid, stupid, bad doctor. *ggggrrrrr*

Diane said...

That's just awful.