Sunday, July 01, 2007

A day late

I really had hoped to get clue 1 done yesterday. But there was an impromptu party at the park. A cousin of mine was home for the holidays and it was my great-aunt's birthday. So my aunt through a party at Eagle Point Park in Dubuque.

Here are a couple pictures from the bluff. If you click on them, they will get bigger.

A gratuitous picture of my lil monkey.

There are eagles nest on the bluff where the park is. Yeah, there was a reason that they called it Eagle Point. hehe Anyways, I tried like hell to actually get a picture of one of them. Mostly, they turned out like lil dots.

I've got more pictures from the park, but I don't want to bore you too much. hehe I'm going to be using them as the desktop on the computer I think. It was a lovely day. It was nice to finally get to see my cousin's baby. I even got to see pictures of her wearing the hats that I made her. Twas a tad big too warm for her to wear them at the park. hehe

After the park I was just too warm to knit. Had to put peroxide on the kids elbow as it was looking a bit yellow. Didn't hurt the fart one bit. I put some ointment on it and it is looking much better today.

We then spent the evening at my folk's house. We stayed to see the fireworks set off by the fire department. We didn't get home until midnight. I can't knit on the mystery stole unless I'm sitting at my desk thanks to the beads. So, I finished the knitting of the mystery shawl. No pictures yet as I'm in the middle of the bind off. I didn't have my beads with me last night in order to bind off, so I did 2 rounds on the big purple shawl.

But today, I got busy with the mystery stole and finally knocked out the first clue.

You can really see the color variations in this picture. The last picture made the point seem tan but here you can see it is more blue. I took the pictures on top of my red t-shirt to show off the blue.

Here you can see that the beads are different colors. They rang from a dark silver, to blue, to copper and almost black. All are metallic though.

Next clue will be started out in blue. I had a little trouble pulling the yarn out of the ball. It took me an hour yesterday to untangle it. Which is why it didn't get knit on while we were home. hehe Next time, I swear I'll knit from the outside of this sort of yarn ball.

Now I'm off to finish binding off the dark purple mystery stole. I'm about 1/5 of the way done. Pictures will be posted tomorrow I'm sure. Don't want to be blocking a shawl on my bed at this hour. hehehe

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Mrs. H said...

Pretty! I love the color. :)