Monday, July 09, 2007


Oh thank the good lord it isn't the weekend any more. Man that sounds insane. HA!

I got to sleep in this morning. Slept until my head started to hurt. Finally drug myself out of bed at 6am. Yes, that is sick! I slept in a hour and a half and I was still up at SIX A freaking M.

But man is my butt dragging. Since about 11 I've been real drowsy. Tried to take a nap but some furry lil beast kept jumping on me and calling for his mom. After about a half hour I was near tears and got back out of bed. I am not a happy camper. I still want a nap.

The pinkie is doing a lil better. It is still being a little lazy but I don't have to work too hard to hit the right keys. The thumb is still sore but I've been able to figure out how to type without yelling ouch every time I hit the space bar. LOL The thing is, I broke my thumb nail sometime last week. No biggy. I used a nail file to smooth it out and it didn't bother me to much that it wasn't straight. Well, sometime before Saturday, my nail kind of pulled away from the skin on the side. By Saturday night it was very painful. I put peroxide on it and antibacterial stuff. Wore a bandaid to keep the metal gunk out of it at work yesterday. The area along the side of the nail is very pink and sore though. Hopefully, it will settle down.

Haven't knitted yet today. I'm just too tired and the hands are sore. I don't want to push it. Tried doing a little gaming, but my brain won't focus. hehe Too bad I don't have any nyquil I can drug the kid with. hehe Just kidding, I would drink it myself and snooze away unawares of his bugging the shit out of me. hehehe

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Jess said...

Oh Becky, I'm sorry for all the trouble you're having with your hand! YOu'll start MS3 pretty soon, I promise, and then you'll find it's a very nice knit. I will be out of commission for the next clue - family from out of town. Feel better soon!