Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well shoot

I had hoped to show y'all a finished clue 3 tonight. Unfortunately, I've still got 5 rows to go. I was just too tired when we got back from Mom's to knit. I started to knit a row and found that for over a half hour, I sat with the knitting in my hands while I stared at the computer. So I sucked it up, finished the row I was on and put it down. I would rather wait until Monday to finish it than risk errors.

There were other reasons why I was feeling tired. Today is Mom's birthday. We had to head to Wal-Mart for a card and gift because I spaced on it Tuesday. At the last moment I decided to get my hair cut. Maybe I'll show it to ya next week after I fix the color. We are talking major root growth here. lmao We had to wait almost 2 hours for Mom to get back from her little shopping spree. Turns out about 45 mins after I got my hair cut, she showed up to the same place for her haircut. lol

Had to call my brother to remind him to call for Mom's bday. She though he forgot because she didn't get a card. Turns out he was waiting to bring it to her next weekend when they visit. Sheesh, pay the 41 cents for a dang stamp. Found out he got a tattoo, but I have no clue what it is. Am just shocked his wife allowed it. She did poo poo the idea of a skull though.

Also found out that Dad is full of kidney stones. He had been peeing blood for a couple weeks before telling Mom about it. He is such a dolt. Anyways they are going to do some sort of sonic treatments in water to break them up. They also found that he had a spot on his lung. Mom doesn't ever tell us about health issues until they know results. Turns out it is a scar from some bout with pneumonia or something. Mom thinks it is from a bout Dad had a couple weeks ago. But anyway, it is nothing.

Drives me nuts that she doesn't share until they find out results. A few months ago, I came to visit and had to wait for her to come home. She walks in crying and hugs me. You have to understand, the woman doesn't cry. And she doesn't give me hugs. I get hugs when someone dies or she is drunk. She hasn't been drunk in over 20 years. Turns out she had just got results from a mammogram. She had felt a lump and went for tests. Turned out to be some fluid. Well, she had been going nuts for over a week but didn't say a word until it was over. I wanted to wring her neck.

On the lighter side, the kid once again proved that he is a neurotic bundle of crazy. We went to the McDonald's a few towns over after leaving Mom's tonight. The only thing he will eat there meat wise is a plain hamburger. I ordered him a hamburger happy meal and got myself some supper too. Well a few miles down the road while I'm driving 65 miles an hour on the interstate, he starts freaking out like someone is trying to kill him. I tell him to calm down and pulled over on a nearby road. Turns out they put a regular hamburger in his happy meal. He was holding it like it was going to kill him. I told him to just try a bite but he started shaking like I told him to eat his own shit. I ended up giving him the rest of my fries and I ate his dang burger.

He was still upset when we got home. I showed him the receipt that proved I ordered him a plain burger and he admitted that he heard me order it plain. He forgave me for the great injustice of him not getting his plain burger. There was a phone number on the receipt, so I called and talked to the manager. I relayed our little drama on the interstate and asked her to remind her workers that when someone asks for a plain burger, there is probably a real good reason. She offered to send me some coupons, but I declined. I just told her to remind people to check the receipts. I think she was kind of shocked I turned her down. But hey, it got eaten. The kid was still full. He just didn't get any protein. lol

Anyways, I'm gonna go drag my butt to bed. I really am pooped. The storms the last few nights have been keeping me up. I don't think it is supposed to storm tonight though. Cross your fingers. Don't all have a great weekend without me now. I'll catch up with everyone on Monday. *waves*

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Mrs. H said...

OMGosh! How was your dad able to cope with kidney stones for a couple of weeks?!? I had one and ended up in the ER twice before the surgery to get rid of it! They hurt! Bad!

It's nice to know that I'm not the only mom who has had to deal with kids who freak over a little bit of mustard and ketchup on a fast food burger. We started checking the food before we pulled away from the drivethrough window so we didn't have to listen to, "I told you I wainted it plaaaaaiiiin!" for an hour afterward. LOL