Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is wrong with little boys???

Are they all stinky little pigs????

I just sent the kid to go take a shower. It has been at least 2 or 3 days since he has had one at my house. No clue if he took one at my folk's house when he stayed over Friday, but I know he took one on Thursday.

Anyways, he comes out the shower and his hair is bone dry when I go to check to see if he got all the soap out. Even though he always has fairly short hair, he has troubles getting the soap out. I think it has to do with his fear of getting soap in his eyes. He has to wipe his eyes constantly while he is washing his hair. So anyway, I do the sniff test. He has strong smelling shampoo. It's a blueberry scented Suave for kids type shampoo. (too lazy to go look it up right now) Well, his hair did NOT smell like his shampoo at all. Obviously, he didn't wash it at all.

So, I take him back in to wash his dang hair. And I find his washcloth on the side of the tub and it is still dry. Which means, he didn't wash at all. He just stood in the shower and rubbed off the temporary tattoos that he got at a church fair on Sunday.

I said to hell with it and pretty much washed his hair for him. The whole time he complained cause I wanted him right under the water so ALL of his hair would get rinsed. Made him use some conditioner too, even though his is a 2-in-1 type. Then I put the soap on his washcloth and told him to get washing while I rinsed my hands in the sink. Well I swear all he did was rinse the rag out and stand there. So I freakin washed him off the right way. He protested the whole time. I made him wash his own butt though. He has a problem with wiping and well I'm sorry but I'm past wiping his lil butt. lmao

Safe to say, he isn't happy with me now. It's not like he is modest or anything. He thinks nothing of running around the house naked after a shower instead of just going and getting his damn underwear on. And my mother wonders why I keep the blinds closed. hehehe Oh, and just in case ya wondered, NO he didn't learn the running around naked from ME!!! roflmao I make sure I have at least my jammies on when I come out of the bathroom. He is just a lil streaker.

Anyways, enough about my twisted lil man child. hehe I've gotten 18 rows of clue 3 done on the mystery stole. It's a very easy knit and only 99 stitches wide, but I keep getting distracted. I've also worked a little bit on the never ending purple Galveston shawl. I know I keep yapping about it being a big purple monster, but that isn't a comment on the shawl itself. It's a great pattern and very easy. I only say that because it is soooo big. lol But that is my fault because I chose to do the large square. There are 3 sizes of the square and 3 sizes of a triangle version. Yup, I chose to do the largest version of all. Plus, I knit at least one other full shawl during it and now the stole. So, it hasn't gotten as much attention as it should have. I'm getting close to the end though. I'm really looking forward to actually using this one.

Ok, I'm gonna go knit for awhile. We have to wait another hour an a half for the next showing of the new Harry Potter movie. If someone hadn't needed to retake his shower, we might have made it to the 1pm showing. Not taking any knitting with me as I really want to pay attention to the movie. Just cross your fingers that I don't fall asleep like my dad always does. hehehe


Mrs. H said...

What is it with kids and showers? I went through the same thing with my older two and now my youngest is starting. I would actually catch the oldest sleeping in the shower in the morning. ARGH!

I took my socks-in-progress to see Harry Potter, but I didn't work on them. Too much going on that I didn't want to miss.

FaeryCrafty said...

LOL kids are seriously allergic to water and soap.