Sunday, July 22, 2007


Oh man, I came home today and my first thought was that I had been robbed.

When I came in the front door, I could actually see my kitchen floor. My dishwasher was no longer in the middle of the kitchen. The pile of shoes in the entrance was gone. The pile of clothes on the couch was gone. I could even see the living room floor.

First thing out of my mouth was "Oh shit" Nick looked around and says, "Well I didn't see that one coming" hehehehe

It would seem that there was a visit from the M.O.M Super Duper Cleaning service today. As soon as I grabbed myself a bottle of Pepsi, I went and gave the owner of M.O.M. a call. I do believe I called her a brat before thanking her. Told here that I appreciated it cause it meant I could spend more time reading Harry Potter this week. roflmao She reminded me that I still needed to clean my room and dust the living room. hehehe

My mom is a total clean freak. She can not stand having a messy house. I, on the other hand, am not a big fan of housework. When I get far enough behind in the housework, Mom comes over and does a mass cleaning. She averages a visit like that maybe every 8 months or so.

I seriously did intend to work on cleaning up this week in between reading and knitting. I will try and make a dent in my room. It's never going to be perfect. I seriously need a spare bedroom for the computer and yarn. If I had that, I would be able to have a clean room. Seriously if I had a bigger place, the master bedroom would be for the pc and yarn. I would take the smallest bedroom for me and Nick could have the middle sized room for himself. I would love to have a room just big enough for my bed and dresser and that is it. Well of course, that is if I had another room for the rest of my stuff. Unfortunately, I live in a 2 bedroom place and it is small. The only place the pc will fit is in my room. I have no other place to put the yarn stash. That is why my bed is way up off the floor. hehe

I swear though, if I'm still at this job next year, I'm looking for a house to rent in the next town over. That way we will have more room to spread out in. I would love to have a basement where Nick could have a playroom and I could stash the stash. hehe

Anyways, I'm gettin pretty damn sleepy here. I do believe I'm gonna hit the sack. No knitting progress to report seeing as I didn't knit this weekend. I'm way too tired after work to even think about trying to knit. It would be disastrous. hehe But, tomorrow is another day.


FaeryCrafty said...

Wow! Lucky!! I'm seriously jealous!

Mrs. H said...

Mom's are such wonderful creatures... which means we are also wonderful creatures since we are moms too. Um... ok... anyway... glad the job is working out and hope you can get a little bit of knitting time in. :)