Monday, July 02, 2007

Mystery Shawl 3 Done

It's a mystery no more. Well except for the name. lol Please excuse the state of the pictures. My batteries are trying to die on me. I so need to hit the store tomorrow.

Recap: The yarn is Henry's Attic Pony 2-ply, 100% merino fingering weight from I used Rit dye in the shades of Navy Blue, Denim Blue and Wine. I had wound off half of the cone of yarn which would be about 2,250 yards. I think I might have used 1,000 yards of it. I think I might like to knit this one again and modify it to be bigger.

Finished measurements were about 55" across the top and a little over 30" down to the point. Way too small for me to use as a shawl. When I put it on, the sides don't even go down to my elbows. I think I'll be able to use it as a head scarf in the winter with my big black coat.

It was a very easy knit and I really love the patterning. If I do knit this again, I will just add extra repeats to make it bigger.

Here you can see the beads I used. I did it different than Renee's directions. I used a crochet hook to put a bead on every other stitch as I bound it off. I alternated a solid burgundy bead and a transparent lilac bead. Next time, I'll use larger beads.

And here you can see what happens when you don't rinse enough after you dye yarn. hehehe My sheet now has purple dots all over it in the shape of the shawl.

I'm quite happy that I was actually able to knit this in just about a month. Normally it takes me much much longer to knit anything. I have no idea when Renee is planning on starting another mystery shawl. As it is I've still got the Galveston shawl going and the mystery stole. Well not to mention the 3 sweaters and numerous scarves. hehe

I think I hear some yarn calling me over. Laters!


AnneM said...

It's lovely!!

Karen said...

Very pretty - enjoy!

Michelle said...

It's beautiful! I'm always amazed with the beads, you have so much more patience than I do.

FaeryCrafty said...

Woohoo! It turned out great!