Friday, December 09, 2005

blah blah blah

Not much to report here.

I'm back working at the distribution center.

The heater core (I have no real clue) in my truck is leaking antifreeze. Basically, I can either be warm or I can see the road. The only thing that will clean the haze off the inside of the windshield is vinegar. My truck smells so wonderful. I put some StopLeak in the radiator but I'm a dumbass and had left it in the truck over night first. It was total sludge and I didn't realize it separated. I really don't think it has helped at all. I'm thinking of getting the oil changed early and seeing if they will flush the radiator. After that I'll put a fresh bottle of StopLeak in as opposed to the frozen mess.

I'm slowly working on my dad's first hat. It is stripes of Oxford Grey and Pines Wool-Ease. It is just a basic stocking cap pattern. It is written for one color, but I'm doing 2 rows of each color. I'm also working on a cotton hat with a large visor for my mom during the summer. Yeah I know I've mentioned them before. I haven't cast on for anything new. I can't knit at work so I haven't been working on anything much at all.

My adventures on eBay haven't been real outrageous. I've been putting minimum bids in on the stuff I am interested in but cause I don't really wanna spend much money right now I'm not pursuing them much. I know I told ya about the last thin wool yarn I got. I'm thinking either I will do a quick dye of blue on it or pair the yarn up with a thicker blue wool. If I pair it up it will end up being a felted bag of some sort. The other night I won a shitload of cotton yarn. There is about 15,600 yards of it. Ok so it is 8/2 cotton and has 3360 ypp. I'm thinkin that is pretty damn thin. hehehe It's on 3 cones, so I'm hoping that if I knit off all 3 cones at the same time I'll get something I can work with. If not, I'll have to wind some large balls and figure out how many strands I need. I've got some super fine wool thread that I have to use like 5 or 6 strands of it to get something approaching fingering weight. Once of these days I'll wind it into balls and knit a scarf or something with it.

Well time for bed. I'm pooped.

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