Monday, December 19, 2005


Well, I've given up on most of my Christmas knitting. Mostly it is cause I just didn't want to knit most of it. There will be no scarves for my bro and his girl. The mosaic scarf I started for my bro rolled in on it something fierce. I've decided to try and do it in the round and seam up the long ends. No way will it be done for Christmas, so it will eventually be mine. :OP Kelly's scarf is double knit in just the blue with a very faint cable in it. It is only about 1/5 done. So, another scarf for me. wwwwwhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee

Twinkletoes yarn just isn't soft enough for a hat, so Mom isn't getting a hat. She went and bought herself a chenille hat anyway. wtf? She can't ask me to knit her a hat? Her scarf in MCY is only about 3 inches long. She will get it next year for Christmas. hehe I've got 2 or 3 doilies that I've made her. I'll block those later today.

I do have another hat in the works for Dad. It was going to be random stripes of the dark gray from his first hat and the green and cream from my bro's hat. I've decided that there will only be 2 or 3 stripes of the cream in the hat. It is a much softer, fuzzier yarn. This is weird cause it is all Wool-Ease yarn. I dunno why the cream feels so much different. I've only got about 2 inches done, so no picture yet. I need to put in some dvds and just knit and get off this damn computer for awhile and I'll finish the hat in time. I'm doing the rib on size 4s instead of 5s. It is much tighter and I think it looks much better. I'm still going to do the body of the hat on size 6s. I like how the body on the first hat looks.

What ever is left of the Wool-Ease is going to making myself some pantas. Don't know what that is? Check out the pattern on Craftster. I think it's pretty nifty. I wonder if I have enough of the blue alpaca to do one with the yarn doubled. I think that would look more like a headband. I so need some more headbands. I have two old ones that I wear to work cause it makes me nuts having my hair fall in my face when I'm working. I've only had these headbands for like 15 years. hehe I can't wear the hard ones cause I have such a fat head. I get an instant headache when I put them on. Hell even the cloth ones will give me a headache if I'm already edging towards one.

Anyways, I'm off to clean up the house and go finish my shopping. I have no freakin clue what to buy my brother and my dad. I've got to find some damn legos for Nick. God knows we need more so that there is no chance of me walking to the kitchen without stepping on at least five. hehe

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