Sunday, December 04, 2005

Update on me

Well, I didn't end up calling the sheriff again. I figured the music wasn't half as loud as it was before and I really wasn't interested in pissin this guy off more than he probably was when the sheriff knocked on his door the first time. hehe

I got my new AERO needles in the mail on Saturday. Just kind of slipped my mind. What mind?? She sent me 9 sets of dpns and 8 circs. So I ended up with 4 extra sets all together. Pretty sweet if ya ask me. The pouches them came in don't reflect the sizes of the needles though. I do know there is everything from size 2 to size 10. I just have to measure em and mark the pouches.

I started my brother's scarf tonight. I'm too lazy to scan it right now. Basically it has 2 repeats of the mosaic pattern with k2p2k2 on each side. Each side switches on each row though. I guess it is kind of a wide moss stitch. I'm too lazy to look in my stitch library and see if it has a name. :OP

I took a cute quiz a bit ago. I think I got it off of Wendy's site. Link for Wendy is over <----. I'm a total wolf fanatic. Hell, my son's middle name is Christopher-Wolf. He acts more like a tasmanian devil though. hehe Nah, he isn't mean. He is just real stubborn, messy and whiney. Hmmm Sounds like me. hehe Well, I try not to be too whiney. I do complain a lot. I need more joy in my life. That might help. Hell just give me some damn sex and I'll be happy. hehehe

Alpha female
You're an alpha female. You're second best.
Basically, you make babies. And there's no
shame in that. You are almost as strong as your
mate. You keep the rest of the women in line.
Anyone who comes near your pups is mince meat.

What kind of wolf are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


SusanS said...

Oh my gosh...I cant believe what that dude was doing to ya'll, playing music at unGodly hours of the night.....I'm glad you called the cops...sheesh, what an idiot!
Kick his ass bec!

Jon said...

I'm a beta wolf. So there.

I soooo would have called the cops again and asked them to camp out or arrest the fucker.