Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well crap!!

Things are just not working out today.

I set out looking for the yarn store in Galena only to discover my truck was being an ass. I guess all the humidity finally got to it cause it was missing like crazy. I put a bottle of heat in it and it is running fine now. I never did find the yarn store. It's called Fiber Wild. I couldn't think of the name while I was driving around but knew the word fiber was in it. I forgot to write down the address or look at a map to see exactly where it was at. DUH!!! I've updated my file on it and the next time I go off looking for it, I'll print it off.

I tried leaving Shelly a comment earlier wishing her luck in finding a better job and commiserating on the whole headache problem. But Blogger comments were being an ass. I was typing in the right letters but it kept coming back and it wouldn't change the pic so I could try new ones. pppppbbbbblllllttttt!!!!!! Anyways good luck dear.

I spent some of my Christmas money and picked up a handbag at Wal-Mart that looks perfect for a knitting bag. I paid a whopping $3 for it. hehe It should work great for small projects like socks or doilies. I just need to start making working copies of my patterns instead of carting off the books or magazines and wrecking them. I also picked up 3 more knitting magazines. 2 of them are English magazines. Simply Knitting and Knitting. They were so not worth the $9 and $8 respectively that I paid for them. At least the copy of SK came with a knitting diary. There are a few projects in each of them that will work as inspiration for future works, but I won't be buying these magazines again. The other magazine is the fall 2005 issue of InKnitters. This one was a much better buy. I found a couple patterns already in my size that I like, along with a couple others that I would like to modify for my use. I really like the sweater on the cover. Well I would if you cut off that damn tail on the side. hehehe I may try to modify it to just end below the hips with the cable band.

Anyways, I'm off to read some more mail. I tried putting a collar on my green sweater and ripped that out. I think I'll switch over to working on the kids sweater. I just have to figure out which needles to use. Man I need more needles!!!! I can never find the size I need. hehe

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