Sunday, December 25, 2005

Random Thoughts

Being Santa sucks!!! Especially when you live in a small house with a child that sleeps very lightly. Nick wakes up at least twice a night. Once to go pee and once to sneak into my room to sleep. There is only one real place in this house to hide anything from him. My closet. Normally there is a laundry basket in front of the door so it isn't a big deal to barricade it. Unfortunately in order to get to the living room from my room, I have to go right by his bedroom door. It isn't easy to keep sneaking out carrying shopping bags and trying to keep the bags from rustling loud enough to wake him. He hasn't woken up in the middle of "Santa" visiting the house yet. I fear that is coming one of these years. All this sneaking around reminds me too much of when I lived at home. hehehe Man I want a bigger place.

And now for something completely different.

I thought of something tonight while playing JT's Blocks on Yahoo. If you haven't played it, it is a game where you removed groups of blocks and try to clear the board. Anyways, it is a game that has a chat room even though it is a single player game. If you have ever played a game on Yahoo that has a chat room, you know that they are constantly spammed. It is always someone claiming to be a hot college chick sitting home alone and needing someone to chat with. Oh and they have a web site where you can see their pictures.

On one hand, the question is, Who the hell is dumb enough to follow their links? I mean, chances are you are going to end up with a virus or trojan after visiting the site. Plus, they probably end up charging you. There are plenty of free porn sites out there. Why pay for the crap?

On the other hand, why don't they ever say they are a hot young stud looking for a lady to chat with? Come on don't the ladies deserve some hot porn? Don't they think that women are dumb enough to believe them? Or do they realize that most of us are smart enough to think that any guy who is home alone and bored enough to go trolling in chat rooms for company must be some ugly ass geek? Only a guy who be dumb enough to believe there is some hot young thing just dying to chat them up and show them naughty pictures. hehe Anyways, at least when you go searching for porn, chances are you will find just what you are looking for. Then again, I still haven't found any naked pictures of George Bush. gahhhhhh Thank the sweet lord. hehe

In other news. My dear sweet brother spoiled me rotten this year. He visited my wish list on Amazon and got me 3 books and a subscription to a knitting magazine. I'm too damn tired to go searching for links and pics of the books right now. Maybe tomorrow, or should I say tonight seeing as it is after 2am.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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