Monday, December 05, 2005

A study in boredom

The power was out for 3 hours this morning. It got damn chilly in the house. They furnace is gas but ya need electricity to run the blower.

I spent the time knitting on one of the scarves I'm making for my mom and looking for a hat pattern for my dad. I may end up using Jon's pattern, Hack. Link to Jon's site is over there <----, look for Colorado Knits. Basically I'm looking for a hat I can do using 2 colors of Wool-Ease.

I think I'm gonna head to the home improvement store (no not the one that fired me) and get some wood to make a small book shelf. I've got so many knitting books and magazines and no place to really have them handy. The shelves I've got on my desk aren't tall enough to have 2 shelves of books. And anyway, they are full of movies and computer stuff. hehe I was thinking of putting the book case on my dresser, but I'm thinking that putting it on top of the one side of my desk would be better. I can make it a bit wider. I just have to clear a bunch of junk off the top of the hutch. Yeah my room is cluttered. Deal with it. :OP I've got a cluttered mind so my room reflects it. hehe Yup yup I do believe I'll put the shelf on top of the hutch. Hell then I don't have to go leaning over the piles of junk in the corner of the room. roflmao

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