Friday, December 23, 2005


Well, I finally got Dad's second hat done.

Click on it if you want to see it a lil bigger. I used 4s this time for the ribbing. The stripes started out random but it was taking too much brain power to make them look even. hehehe

I've got all my knitting done and all my gifts bought. Last year I was up until 2am on Christmas morning trying to finish my brother's afghan. I ended up having to get up after about 4 hours and I had to work on it for a couple more hours.

Now I've got to wrap everything. lol Doubt it will happen tonight. My poor head is hurting.

Have a very Merry Christmas y'all.

If I get anything super cool I'll blog about it when I get home tomorrow. Otherwise, who knows. hehe I'll prolly have a ham hangover because Mom is making a big one and I love her hams.


Michelle said...

Nice Hat! Merry Christmas : )

SCarrGo said...

Another perfect hat...