Sunday, December 04, 2005

omg I'm sooooo pissed

Here it is freakin midnight and the asshole next door had his stereo blasting. Our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the main wall of our duplex and all I could freakin hear in my room is thumping. No I wasn't anywhere near ready to go to bed but it's freakin midnight. They have 2 babies over there and he has the stereo blasting in the middle of the night. Then again I think his wife may not be home with the kids cause he has some chick over there. When I told him to turn the stereo down he said to take my fat ass home. He is so lucky he wasn't standing on the porch and there was a door between us. If I hear one more thump, no matter how loud, I'm calling the cops. I'll also be warning the police to be on the lookout for drugs over there. I have never been anything but nice to them over there and he freakin insults me after disturbing my damn evening!!! I'm so pissed the muscles in my neck are freakin hurting like hell.

I'll be relaying this little episode to my dad. Yeah he is an ass himself but he is one super over protective ass. He isn't above harassing someone for being mean to me. Of course that doesn't stop him from being a royal shit. hehe

He did drive the 10 miles here tonight on bad roads to bring me a can of gas for my snow blower. I was going to go out there and get a can cause I don't have one, but Mom was worried about me driving on the snowy roads. Yeah, I'm spoiled. BITE ME!! hehe Sometimes having overbearing parents comes in handy. :OP I just really wanted to play with use the snow blower cause shoveling hurts my back. I'm really starting to take the idea of a breast reduction seriously. That's a different story though. hehe

Well, I'm feeling better now. I still want to hurt the guy, but my neck is feeling better.

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